Joseph Carlyle Designs is a fine furniture studio based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was created in 2000, and the name is derived from the middle names of the proprietor, in honor of his grandfathers.

The fine furniture created by Joseph Carlyle Designs is all of original design.  Pieces are designed in accordance with an individual's desires, allowing for unique and highly personalized pieces to be created.  Inspiration and influence come from a wide range of historical and contemporary trends.

Pieces are not limited to free standing furniture.  Designs often include accessories and installations, cabinets, to bedroom suites.  All furniture is constructed using exacting standards of the highest possible quality. All pieces strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of the process.  Meeting the precise uncompromising personal standards of the artist; design and craftsmanship will ensure that every piece will become an heirloom and source of pride for generations.

Clients may have pieces made for them through the commissioning process. Commissioning furniture can be a very dynamic and rewarding experience.  Consideration is paid to all elements including budget, function, location and space as well as the overall aesthetic in the clients' home.

Joseph Carlyle Designs can design and build the furniture you have always wanted and reward you with pride in the quality and satisfaction in the process.


Joseph Carlyle Designs • 6604 Bowwood Dr. NW • Calgary, Alberta • T3B 2G9 • 403.818.4224 •


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